Group Classes

Now enrolling for group guitar, piano, ukulele, voice!

Maximum of 6 students for most classes

Every class will have a group game or activity to reinforce music fundamentals

Every class students will learn about one influential musician

Students practice individually with headphones as teachers help students separately

Unlike private lessons, this teaches students to focus and use practice time effectively

New students can join a class at any time

Band (Ages 7+)
50 minute class
Grouped by Age and Experience
Maximum 5-6 per band

Held at Crosspointe Church 

6911 Carpenter Fire Station Rd, Cary

In our band program, students will meet every week for an hour with the goal of building a setlist to perform at live shows!  Bands are taught by our most experienced, multi-instrumentalist teachers who guide students through the process of learning and rehearsing songs in preparation for regularly scheduled gigs in the community, as well as recording sessions and live music videos in our studio!  


**Building new bands, and filling spots in existing bands is a difficult process, so please be patient and allow several weeks for us to find the perfect band for you!

**Most students will be ready for band within 6-8 weeks of beginning weekly private lessons with us! Please submit a “Join a Band” form online or at the front desk so we can begin to match your student with the perfect band!

**For students who do not take lessons with us, a free 10 minute evaluation is required so we can evaluate and place your student in a band according to age, experience, and musical preferences.  

Group Voice

Students will learn music fundamentals by working through standard method books, as well as selecting and rehearsing songs to build a setlist and perform! 


New students can join any class at anytime, however students who recently join the class may not be ready to perform with the group within the first few weeks, and the teacher will evaluate this case to case. 

Does your child's school need an after-school music program?
We would love to bring one of our classes to your school or daycare center! 
Group Piano, Guitar, or Ukulele
50 minute class
Grouped by Age 
Maximum 6 per class

Held at Crosspointe Church 

6911 Carpenter Fire Station Rd, Cary

Students will learn music fundamentals by working through standard method books, as well as learning to play songs of their choice!


Teachers rotate through the class helping students individually while they work at their own pace using headphones, so new students can join any class at anytime!


There will be at least one game, activity, song, or lesson in every class to bring the class together and give the younger classes a focus break. 

Parent & Child Preschool Piano
(Ages 3-5) Parent/Guardian must stay for class
Students and their parent/guardian will explore musical concepts together using the piano and other  instruments. Students will begin to learn the basic skills and coordination needed to play piano.
We will explore music and jam together using age appropriate concepts like fast/slow, high/low, loud/soft, start/stop, and teach students to read simple rhythms using familiar words and sounds.  
Preschool Music Exploration (Ages 2-5) 

This class for the parent and child will introduce your little one to great music while teaching developmentally appropriate music concepts like fast/slow, high/low, loud/soft, start/stop through singing, dancing, movement activities, drum circles, and guided instrument exploration. Students will learn to read and play simple rhythms using familiar words and sounds. 


This class will make learning any instrument much easier a few years down the road!