Rich Music Parties!

We send two teachers to your house or event space to throw an awesome party! 

We bring all of the equipment and entertainment! 

You provide the decorations and food!

Sing and Explore Party (Ages 3-9)

$250 for 90 minutes - Maximum guest limit based on your event space

Our teachers will lead the group through lots of high energy sing-alongs, dances, drum circles, and other musical activities, and the party will end with us DJing a 30 minute dance party!

We bring wigs, sunglasses, wristbands, and awesome costumes so everyone can dress like a rockstar! 

*Dance party can be extended for $60/hour

Karaoke Party (Ages 6+, great for adults!)

$250 for 90 minutes - Maximum guest limit based on your event space

One of our voice teachers will lead the group through a 5-10 minute voice lesson and a few vocal warm-ups, and then we will open up the designated stage area to any groups or soloists that want to sing along with their favorite songs!  Can do full 90 minutes of karaoke or mix with a DJ dance party.

*Can be extended for $60/hour

Learn to DJ Party (Ages 9+)

$250 for 90 minutes - Maximum 12 students

Our DJ teachers will show everyone the basics of DJ equipment and software, and students will create their own party mixes and DJ their own mini dance party for the last 10-20 minutes.  

General DJ Services

$60 Base fee + $60/hour

We send one professional DJ to your party or event!  We can provide music for a dance party, or just background music for a social gathering.  We specialize in kids parties, and we know ALL of the kid's favorite songs! 


By request, we can bring along a mini-turn table to let students DJ them selves, or we can bring our "instrument petting zoo" to let kids experiment with ukuleles, hand drums, shakers, xylophones, and more!   


If you are organizing a public event, or a fundraiser for a non-profit or charity, please contact us to see if we can donate our services for free. 

If you have a specific playlist or song request, they MUST be approved before the event.  We reserve the right to deny any song requests made on the spot.  


Rich Music School has a strict policy against explicit and suggestive lyrics.