Jobs at Rich Music

Current Positions Available 

  • Violin/Cello Teacher

  • Guitar Teacher

  • Piano Teacher

  • Voice Teacher

  • Drum Teacher

  • DJ Teacher

  • Music Production Teacher

Even if your preferred instruments are not listed above, we are always looking for great teachers to join our team!  If you are a musician and love to work with kids, this would probably be a great job for you! 

Please submit your information below, and email your resume and cover letter to

All teachers are required to audition before their interview, which will include the following:

-Play a prepared song/piece 

-Know all major and minor scales

-Jam and improvise on common chord progressions

-Figure out a chord progression by ear of a simple pop/rock/country song

-Demonstrate mastery of basic music theory including circle of fifths, scales, and basic 7th chords. 

-Sight read proficiently 


Drum Teachers

-Play a prepared drum transcription (or drum cover) in any genre

-Demonstrate knowledge and application of roll, flam, and paradiddle rudiments around the set

-Demonstrate mastery of pop, rock, and funk grooves and fills

-Sight read proficiently 

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