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Virtual Lessons (Ages 5+)


We offer 30 and 60 minute private instruction for guitar, piano, voice, drums, bass guitar, ukulele, woodwinds, brass, and orchestra instruments. 


Since every student has unique musical goals, teachers work with students and their parents to create an individual strategy for each student to help them achieve their specific goals.

All students are encouraged to learn songs they love in addition to learning universal music concepts.  

Unlike most music schools, we teach way more than just reading music. Our students learn to improvise, play by ear, play chord progressions, and write songs!  

Every 12 lessons our students get to star in their own music video, performing solo, duet, or in a band with teachers or other students!   

Make a Music Video (Ages 5+)

Send us a video performing, and we send you back a finished music video!

Whether you want to perform solo in your video with multiple video angles, or you want one or more of our teachers to join your video and play with you, you will star in your own professional music video!  Check out our social media pages to see what past students and professional musicians have done with us! 

If you are interested in learning the process of recording and editing audio/video, we offer lessons on haw to do that!  

Join a Band (Ages 7+)

Meet weekly for 50 minutes

 Build and rehearse a setlist to perform at live shows 

Record songs and make music videos 

If you can keep tempo and play along with a song, you're probably ready to join a band

 Bands are taught by our most experienced, multi-instrumentalist teachers who guide students through the process of learning and rehearsing songs in preparation for regularly scheduled gigs in the community, as well as recording sessions and live music videos! 

**Building new bands and filling spots in existing bands is a difficult process - please be patient and allow several weeks for us to find a band for you!

**For students who do not take lessons with us, a free 10 minute evaluation is required so we can evaluate and place your student in a band according to age, experience, and musical preferences.  

DJ Mixing and Remixing
DJ Remixing
DJ Scratching
DJ Scratching
DJ & Beat Making Lessons (Ages 7+)

DJ & Beat Making will get anyone excited about music, especially those who may be reluctant to learn a 'traditional' instrument, while still reinforcing basic music concepts like rhythm and music theory! 


DJ is the art of mixing songs together, making remixes, smoothly transitioning between songs, and a technique called "scratching" that basically turns a sound or song into a percussion instrument. In DJ lessons students will learn all about different music fundamentals like rhythms and grooves, song structure & form, melody, and phrasing.  Scratching techniques will develop hand-eye coordination, listening skills, and rhythmic phrasing and improv.  

An intro DJ controller costs about $200 which is very similar to a piano, guitar, or drum-set you would buy for "traditional" lessons. 

Beat Making

Beat-Making AKA Music Production is the art of creating beats and songs from scratch using software programs called DAW's. The most common DAW is called Garageband, and comes FREE on any apple computer, phone, or iPad, which will get anyone through the first several months of lessons.  If you have a windows computer there are several free and low cost programs to get started on.  Even once you outgrow these free programs, professional DAW's only cost anywhere from $100-400, so still comparable to buying an instrument. Beat-making requires students to learn rhythms, phrasing, melodies, and chord progressions. 

We can focus on only DJ or only Beat-Making as requested, you don't have to do both.

Birthday Parties

We send our teachers to your house or event space!

Sing and Explore Party - Ages 3-7

$250 for 90 minutes

Maximum 20 kids

First, everyone gets to dress up as rockstars with our wigs, sunglasses, and accessories, and then take a group photo looking like rockstars! Then one of our vocal teachers will lead the group through some basic vocal warmups and exercises and guide the group through singing a few songs together!  Then we open the floor up to any soloists or groups that want to sing karaoke by request.  

Next we will pass out hand drums for an awesome drum circle!  We will teach you some beats and drum along with a few of your favorite songs!  Then we let the kids into the "instrument petting zoo" where they can try quick individual lessons on drums, guitar, and piano, guided by our teachers. 

The last 30 minutes we will DJ an awesome dance party and/or more karaoke! 

*Dance party can be extended for $40/hour

*Any part can be excluded and/or extended based on your needs and interests

Karaoke Party - Ages 6+, great for adults!

$250 for 90 minutes

Maximum students based on event space

One of our voice teachers will lead the group through a 5-10 minute voice lesson and a few vocal warm-ups, and then we will open up the designated stage area to any groups or soloists that want to sing along with their favorite songs!  We bring a box of wigs, sunglasses, and fun accessories to make you feel like rockstar!  You can mix this with a DJ dance party by request. 


*Can be extended for $40/hour

DJ Services

$50 base fee + $50 per hour 

We send one professional DJ to your party or event!  We provide music for a dance party, or just background music for a social gathering.  We specialize in kids parties, and we know ALL of the kid's favorite songs! 


By request, we can bring along a mini-turn table to let students DJ them selves, or we can bring our "instrument petting zoo" to let kids experiment with ukuleles, hand drums, shakers, xylophones, and more!   


If you are organizing a public event, or a fundraiser for a non-profit or charity, please contact us to see if we can donate our services for free. 

If you have a specific playlist or song request, they MUST be approved before the event.  We reserve the right to deny any song requests made on the spot.  Rich Music School has a strict policy against explicit and suggestive lyrics. 

Learn and Love Music Ages 2-5
Classes at "THE HIVE" - 712 Slash Pine Drive, Cary
**Now offered to Amberly Residents at the Amberly Clubhouse! 


This class for the parent/guardian and child will introduce your little ones to great music while teaching developmentally appropriate music concepts like fast/slow, high/low, loud/soft, start/stop through singing, dancing, movement activities, drum circles, and guided instrument exploration.  


Many adults claim to be tone-deaf or have no rhythm, but we believe that musical "talent" is just a product of consistent exposure from a young age. This class is sure to expose your little one to lots of music so they will be more than ready to start learning to play an instrument with us when they turn 5!

Have questions?  Call or text us! 
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