Group Classes (Ages 5+)

Held at Crosspointe Church, 6911 Carpenter Fire Station Rd, Cary


Classes Offered: 

Guitar, Piano, Ukulele, Voice, DJ, Beatmaking, Preschool Piano

Group classes use the same curriculum as private lessons, only with two or more students in the class.  You get 50 minutes of instruction for less than the price of private lessons!  Learning an instrument with a group of friends is fun, and the social aspect motivates students to practice a lot more at home!

Summer Camps and
Track-Out Camps (Ages 7+)
Now enrolling camps at Crosspointe Church
6911 Carpenter Fire Station Rd, Cary
We offer Summer Camps, Track-Out Camps, and WCPSS day off Camps in which students will pick their preferred instrument(s), then pick a few songs and practice and prepare for a performance for friends and family at the end of camp!  
DJ Services
$60 base + $60 per hour 
We have several great DJ's available to DJ your next party or event!
We specialize in kids parties so we know all of their favorite songs, and we take pride in playing no suggestive, inappropriate, or vulgar music. 
We can bring a mini turntable with headphones so kids can come up beside the DJ and scratch right along with them! 
Private Lessons (Ages 5+)

Now enrolling in-home lessons and lessons at Crosspointe Church

We offer 30 and 60 minute private instruction for guitar, piano, voice, drums, bass guitar, ukulele, woodwinds, brass, and orchestra instruments. Since every student has unique musical goals, our teachers work with students and parents to create an individual strategy for each student to help them achieve their specific goals, while progressing through a curriculum of standard music concepts. 

Birthday Parties

We send two teachers to your house or event space to throw an awesome party!  We bring all of the equipment and entertainment! 

Sing and Explore Party (Ages 3-7)

$250 for 90 minutes - max students based on space

Our teachers will lead the group through lots of high energy sing-alongs, dances, drum circles, and other musical activities, and the party will end with us DJing a 30 minute dance party!

*Dance party can be extended for $60/hour

Karaoke Party (Ages 6+, great for adults!)

$250 for 90 minutes - max students based on space

One of our voice teachers will lead the group through a 5-10 minute voice lesson and a few vocal warm-ups, and then we will open up the designated stage area to any groups or soloists that want to sing along with their favorite songs!  Can do full 90 minutes of karaoke or mix with a DJ dance party.

*Can be extended for $60/hour

Learn to DJ Party (Ages 9+)

$250 for 90 minutes - max 10 students

Our DJ teachers will show everyone the basics of DJ equipment and software, and students will create their own party mixes and DJ their own mini dance party for the last few minutes.  

Learn and Love Music (Preschool)
Ages 2-5
Classes at "THE HIVE" - 712 Slash Pine Drive, Cary


This class for the parent/guardian and child will introduce your little ones to great music while teaching developmentally appropriate music concepts like fast/slow, high/low, loud/soft, start/stop through singing, dancing, movement activities, drum circles, and guided instrument exploration.  


Many adults claim to be tone-deaf or have no rhythm, but we believe that musical "talent" is just a product of consistent exposure from a young age. This class is sure to expose your little one to lots of music so they will be more than ready to start learning to play an instrument the day the turn 5 years old!