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DJ & Beat Making Lessons


DJ & Beat Making will get anyone excited about music, especially those who may be reluctant to learn a 'traditional' instrument, while constantly reinforcing basic music theory concepts and rhythms.


DJ is the art of mixing songs together, making remixes, smoothly transitioning between songs, and a technique called "scratching" that basically turns a sound or song into a percussion instrument. In DJ lessons students will learn all about different music fundamentals like rhythms and grooves, song structure & form, melody, and phrasing.  Scratching techniques will develop hand-eye coordination, listening skills, and rhythmic phrasing and improv.  

An intro DJ controller costs about $200 which is very similar to a piano, guitar, or drum-set you would buy for "traditional" lessons. 

Music Production & Beat Making

Beat-Making AKA Music Production is the art of creating beats and songs from scratch using software programs called DAW's. The most common DAW is called GarageBand, and comes FREE on any apple computer, phone, or iPad, which will get anyone through the first several months of lessons.  If you have a windows computer there are several free and low cost programs to get started on.  Even once you outgrow these free programs, professional DAW's like Ableton, Logic X, and Protools only cost anywhere from $100-400, so it's still comparable to buying an instrument. Beat-making requires students to learn rhythms, phrasing, melodies, and chord progressions. 

We can focus on only DJ or only Beat-Making as requested, you don't have to do both.

Concepts include - How to choose/download/setup a DAW, how to choose/purchase/setup recording equipment, how to record audio and midi, how to use audio plugins such as compression, EQ (equalizer), saturation, reverb, delay, filters, envelopes, transients shaping, and much more!

Make a Music Video (Ages 5+)

Send us a video performing, and we send you back a finished music video!

Whether you want to perform solo in your video with multiple video angles, or you want one or more of our teachers to join your video and play with you, you will star in your own professional music video!  Check out our social media pages to see what past students and professional musicians have done with us! 

If you are interested in learning the process of recording and editing audio/video, we offer lessons on haw to do that!  

Have questions?  Call or text us! 
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